Authors are welcome to submit an original papers in Kyrgyz, Turkish, Russian and English carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, the responsibility of mistakes belongs to the author(s). The full text should not exceed 15 pages in its final version according to the manuscript guidelines. The papers submitted in Kyrgyz, Turkish, Russian must exactly include the abstract in English.

 Congress Language: Kyrgyz, Turkish, Russian, English

 The Times New Roman font should be used in 10 font.

 The affiliation should not be used in author name and the first letter of name and surname should be in capital.

 The name should be included institution name, city – country, e-mail. E.g., Hacettepe University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering

 The Title should be in capital in both languages.

 The vocabularies  ABSTRACT or ÖZET (АННОТАЦИЯ) in both languages should be in bold and capital and centered.

Abstract contents should be centered.

 Abstracts should be least 200 words and maximum 400 words. It should consist of  aim, research methodology, findings and results sections.

 The title should be centered and small capitalized at the top of page 1 and is not underlined or italicized. Use Times New Roman 14 pt., bold, and single spaced.

 There should be 2 or 4 keywords at the end of abstract.

 The graphs, tables or figures should not be used in abstract.

 Citing should not be given in abstract if it is not necessary. If it is necessary, the reference section should be given separately.


Each main section of the paper begins with a heading which should be capitalized, centered, numbered at the beginning of the section, and double spaced from the lines above and below. Do not underline the section heading or put a colon at the end. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. and bold

When your paper reports on more than one experiment, use subheadings to help organize the presentation. Subheadings should be capitalized (first letter in each word), left justified, outline numbered. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. and bold

Page margins should be underside 2.5 cm, upside 2.5 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 2.5 cm and

Interlinear space should be 1.5.

Note: One author can submit no more than 2 papers.



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(Internet resources)

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